Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Top Eight (8) Most Poisonous Animals

Immense physical strength, razor sharp claws and scissor like teeth are not the only weapons animals use. Thousands of animals use highly venomous or toxic poisons to attack prey or defend themselves. Some animals actually shoot poisons towards victims, others store toxins in their glands or skin. Following are the top eight most poisonous animals in the world.

8. Box Jellyfish

Prevalent in the ocean waters throughout Asia and Australia, this dangerous animal goes out of its way to avoid other creatures. Swimmers must definitely avoid the Box jellyfish. The stingers and tentacles on this animal are extremely powerful. Along with causing excruciating pain for weeks, the animal's venom is capable of stopping the heart or paralyzing the lungs. To top it off, the venom will slowly eat away at the skin.

7. Marbled Cone Snail

Though very slow moving, this snail thrives in reefs throughout the world. The animal uses its strong, toxic venom to catch its prey. While within its shell, the snail shoots out a nose type advice called a proboscis. From the probiscis, a tooth like appendage attaches onto the victim. The venom within the animal is transmitted through the tooth into the victim. This leads to paralysis almost immediately. Humans that have experienced a bite are succumbed by weakness, numbness, nausea and death, when the lungs ultimately stop working.

6. Blue Ringed Octopus

The painless bite from a Blue Ringed Octopus may seem innocuous, however the deadly neurotoxins in the animals saliva immediately begin working. Within a few minutes, a human will experience muscular weakness, numbness, followed by a cessation and breathing and ultimately death.

5. Death Stalker Scorpion

Prevalent throughout North Africa and the Middle East, this arachnid lives up to its name. The stinger on this animal is not overly large or strong, however the sting administered is the most toxic from scorpions anywhere in the world. It causes an intense and unbearable pain, then fever, followed by coma, convulsions, paralysis and death.

4. Stonefish

Inhabiting the waters of the Pacific throughout the Australia coast, this complacent fish resembles a sea rock or coral. With its nearly invisible camouflaged assistance, it attacks many fish that swim nearby. A powerful toxin stored within its 13 spines can stop nearly every animal that it connects with. If contact comes with humans, the venom will cause intense pain, swelling of tissue, shock followed by death.

3. Sydney Funnel Web Spider

One of the most venomous creatures in the Australia outback, the Sydney Funnel Web Spider packs a powerful punch. This spider is large and very aggressive, consistently creating the most powerful venom of any spider. Protecting its burrow, the spider places a web across its entrance that passers by should not enter. From its fangs, the spider delivers a powerful neurotoxin that cause extreme pain and are capable of killing a person within 15 minutes. It's venom does not affect most mammals but has a very powerful effect on humans.

2. Inland Taipan

This Australian snake is frequently considered the most poisonous snake on earth. One bite from this serpent contains enough potent toxin about 110 milligrams to kill about 100 people. It toxin can cause vomiting and will cease a persons breathing. Fortunately, the Taipan is a very gentle and shy reptile.

1. Poison Dart Frog

While running through the rain forests of Central or South America, do not pick up the Poison dart frog. The frog's skin contains a toxic chemcal that sickens or kills any animal that touches or eats it. Two micrograms of this deadly toxin (enough to fit on the head of a pin) will easily kill a human being or other large mammanl.

Source: Top Eight 8 Most Poisonous Animals

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

25 AMAZING Photos Taken at the EXACT Perfect Time


Timing is everything, particularly in the case of amazing photography. Sometimes that means waiting through a whole sports game and getting lucky to catch just the right shot. Other times than means trudging through nature for weeks to get the perfect environmental photograph. Here are 25 examples of perfectly timed images from around the world and in various genres.








With extreme sports it is the danger and challenge that tends to excite people. Often the most amazing and bizarre images are taken right at the moment when disaster strikes. Sometimes these are tragic and painful though some are just plain funny.






With conventional sports there is always the opportunity for comedy but also the potential for artful photography. The spray of sand during a long-jump or that moment before the splash when someone is diving both provide a moment of calm in a fast-paced sport that is normally impossible to see.



In war it is often hard to find or revel in humor or traditional beauty. Instead, it is often the images that capture grave or impressive moments in time that stir us most deeply. This can come in the form of a rocket frozen in space or the geometry of a cloud of smoke from a tank.




With people comedy tends to be the rule and other things the exception. Humans tend to be at their most interesting when they are at their funniest. Whether this means a young man falling into a fountain or an old woman riding a sled, it’s worth keeping your eyes open in public places for the perfect shot!









Nature images truly span the spectrum of artistic possibility. Sometimes animals are funny, sometimes scary, often tragic and sometimes downright strange. Whether they be shot in a conventional park or bedroom or taken deep in the wilds, environmental images taken at just the right time can provide unique insights into nature and the relationship of humans and animals.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Where’s OSHA When You Need ‘em?

Here in the US we have laws governed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which are meant to protect workers from unsafe conditions. But apparently OSHA is on holiday right now. Meanwhile the rest of the world needs to be adopting some safety standards too, or they are going to be ending up headlining the Darwin Awards.

Take this photo for example: “Let me just drive this forklift off the dock… while carrying a bomb!”

Forklift Accident with Bomb

Just imagine what this little Asian guy looks like when he takes off his shirt! He must be built like a mini Schwarzenegger.
Crazy Chinese Holding Ladder

Do you think his last words were, “Let me just get this last weld on the gas tank…”

Welding a Gas Tank

Let me get this straight. He’s going to paint the entire side of a building with a brush, by hand, on ladders lashed together 4 stories high?

Painting on Ridiculous Ladder

Note: Bare feet on aluminum ladder sitting in pool of water with electrical cord dangling above. Nice.

Unsafe Ladder in Pool

Let’s assume that’s all styrofoam strapped to the bicycle. What happens if a strong wind blows?

Funny Bike

Ok. 10 feet away is what looks like a 4″ pipe that goes up well beyond the roof. Why not just climb it?

3 Unsafe Ladders Tied Together

What the hell is he pointing at, and where does he think he’s going?

Stuck in a Tree

Now what? The second forklift driver isn’t even at the controls!

Daisy Chain Forklifts

Do you think the rich guy that hired them to trim the hedges is fully insured?

Ladder on Ladder

These guys don’t look like they work for the electric company to me.

Ladder in a Bucket